New Year ….New Location…New Farm

We moved the last of the livestock up to Caribou so now the old farm in Madison is on the market. Moving an entire farm is no small task, especially when the trip is 4 hours one way.

We had to take the animal trailer to be welded before attempting to take the cows from Madison to the butcher. The old trailer was swaying back and forth down the highway, every time the cows would move the trailer felt like it would take me off the road….took 6 hours..2 hours longer than usual.

We starting all over again in a new place, everything must be done again from scratch, there’s an old barn where we will be using for lambing this year.

Caribou Maine is a magical place the other night I watched the northern lights dancing in the midnight sky, it looked like when sunlight is refracted through water. The beautifulness of the land here has captured our hearts as well and we’ve started planning the layout of the new farm.

Blessed Thistle Farmstead is the name due to the fact that we immediately felt blessed that we were able come across such a gem of a place. Thistle because of the many beautiful blue Thistles that grow wild here.

The land is rolling and we’ve got many acres of pasture here that can be used for growing crops, grain, flowers, herbs, and perfect for grazing animals. The land has been not been fertilized or utilized for 30 + years so we must bring back the vitality and create an environment for us to flourish.

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