Barn Renovation Project 2017

We’re turning much of our efforts inward this year to have the opportunity to bring people to the farm to purchase goods.

The old barn needs a roof and some structural framing replaced, which I am doing on my own. I used to help frame houses in my youth 🙂

So if you’re all wondering why we aren’t doing as many markets this year, it’s because we are improving and expanding operations so we can better serve the public.

This by far has been the most challenging project I’ve ever taken on.


Western Maine Online Market Open House

Had a wonderful experience meeting our online customers at the Rasmussen farm in Freeman township this past Sunday, it was great to hear how people prepare the gourmet meat that we sell them.

I set up my little cooking station and was able to cook up some breakfast sausages, hot sausage, and our awesome kielbasa. Johan had learned the word “delicious” that day due to all the people coming in and trying the samples of sausage. He was saying delicious all the way home after the event.

My favorite thing to do at these gatherings is to prepare the dishes that are the ones I like best for example our pulled pork.

Preparing pulled pork is extremely easy and has only a few ingredients but the main secret to making the dish success is to cook it for very long time in the crockpot on low.

What sets aside our recipe from other recipes that I’ve tried is the type of vinegar that we use.

Rice wine vinegar has a crisper, lighter taste and goes extremely well with pork. I discovered this by accident one day when I ran out of apple cider vinegar.

Palemoon Farm Pulled Pork

4 pounds pork shoulder

One and a half cups brown sugar 

One and a quarter cup rice wine vinegar 

For cloves of garlic smashed

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper black
Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl and add to pork shoulder that has already been placed in the crockpot.

Set crockpot at low setting, Cover, and cook for minimal six hours, you’ll know it’s done when the pork falls away from the bone. 

Make sure the Pork Shoulder is not frozen when placed into the crockpot, it should be at room temperature.

After a minimum of six hours, Next step is to take the bones out and to ladle out any of the excessive fat and liquid left over from the cooking process. You don’t want to take out all of the liquid but you do want to take out most of the fat.

You can then add your favorite barbecue sauce and let it cook an additional 20 to 30 minutes, best bet is not to add the barbecue sauce too early because it will caramelize and burn around the edges of the crockpot.

We have approximately 15 to 20 pork shoulder roast’s remaining and they weigh approximately 4 to 6 pounds each.

Pulled pork is the summertime favorite super easy to prepare and awesome as leftovers as well.

I hope you enjoy the delighting  your guests with our pulled pork recipe and feel free to share it with others as it’s here on the our website.


Pale Moon Farm