Fall is in the Air

Place your orders now.  Contact us: blessedthistlefarm@icloud.com

It’s that time of the year again when we harvest and get ready for winter!

Currently we have Delicious Gourmet:


Boneless Lamb, Lamb Sausage (Hot and Garlic), Crown Roast, Stew, and Loin with Bone in.  There are 5 lambs left that will be going in for processing in November, I can have these custom butchered with prior notification.


Sausage: Hot, Garlic,Sweet, Maple

Ground Pork


Ground Beef and Stew beef

Whole Chickens —SOLD OUT

My wife prepared an amazing Gyro Lamb on our 2 Wedding Anniversary using this recipe :

We finished it over lump charcoal in the Egg before serving in warm Pita, with Homemade French Fries, fresh Garden Tomatoes, and lettuce..topped with gravy for the lamb.

Please place you’re orders for Turkey, as of Today Sept. 11, we have 12 turkeys ( out of 40) left for Thanksgiving.

If you’d like place an order for Pork to stock up for winter, we have about 7 whole pigs left (in addition to the 4 are going in next week), so we’ll have more Chorizo Sausage for all the “Chorizo Fans” out there. This season Chorizo was a great seller, it’s such a great sausage to make Black Beans with…not too mention I love eating in an omelette aw well or just on the grill!

Fall is also the season for soups, Bean Soup made with our famous Smoked Ham Hocks creates a rich flavorful broth with delightful chucks of hocks to nourish the soul and body.

There’s nothing better this time of year when the leaves are changing, to celebrate the end of the summer with feasting on the bounty that God provided for us. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share a very prosperous year for raising Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Beef…it was a very hot and dry summer but all the hard work building shelters for the animals paid off. Having Installed over 900′ of water pipe and Water Spikets was key in being able to supply fresh filtered well water to them.

We want to hear all about how your preparing our Gourmet Meats, share your recipes, pictures, and show off your cooking skills!



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