Meet Marilla the newest addition to PaleMoon Farm

Our neighbor Angela followed me into the back pasture, Dolly has the two feet just hanging out, you could just see the hooves.

 I tried to tie two parachute cords around the feet with a slipknot but that did not work too well.

She backed up against the barb wire fence, I got a grip on the feet with my hands and started pulling, she laid down, I got one hand inside her and grabbed the head, I put my feet against her hips and started pulling as she had the contractions, Angela helped to keep her open so the head would get past, the one pull ( the calf is so slippery, takes every bit of strength to hold on) and got the calf out….dragged it up to dolly and she started howling and cleaning it off.

Thank God for my neighbor Angela, cool, calm, and collected and knew right what to do!
This could have gone really bad so I thank the Lord for helping me and sending someone to help out.

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