Greenhouse for seedlings 2022

Last year we bought a cheap plastic 10×15 greenhouse on Amazon, it lasted approximately 72 hours until a wind storm knocked it down. So we planted everything directly from seed , which was very late in the season, that set us back big time, but we still had a decent harvest.

This year made sure we’re going into 2022 with a sturdy Greenhouse that won’t blow over.

I did purchase pressure treated for the sill plate and pine for the roof trusses, I just didn’t have time to mill the wood for the trusses.

Used Solexx greenhouse covering, its a double walled 5mm polycarbonate for the roofing and the walls, bottom has steel roofing to protect from the insane winds and deep snow.

Roof truss templates
2 x 6’s reinforced with 3/8 plywood, glued and screwed…12 ‘ 1 “ long.
Getting the trusses in place was challenging as I did this all by myself…wore a hard hat…just in case I got clocked by one. Walls are true dimensional 2 x 4’s from the back wood lot..Tamarack…strong wood.
2 foot on center walls studs …block is filled with concrete and steel rods driven 4’ onto the ground…bolts are set into the sill plate to tie it into the foundation.

on center

Just in time for the first snow. Still need to make the doors, trim corners out and seal it up under the trusses. So far its handled 50 mph winds.

Big things come in little packages

Our greenhouse blew down this year so we had a tough time getting started so we ended up planting seeds directly into the ground this year and now things are starting to pop up.

Its been a late start but we’re getting good rain this year, we use Straw to cover the plants for weed suppression and also to help with water retention. It also adds organic matter once it breaks down.

We planted in Organic compost since the garden plot has not been able to sustain plants without it since the soil is lacking vital nutrients. This method works well as we can do row, raised beds, and spot plant vegetables.

Sweet corn
Cabbage (I think)
More beans